Nov 23

Keith Hardy: First Couple Weeks on Cam

Hey all, just wanted to mention my first couple weeks on web cam. This is something I have always had an interest in doing and finally a good friend pushed me into it! The experiences have been AWESOME so far, and I met some great people on here. I still have some things to learn and have learned somethings along the way. I enjoy sex and interacting with other people that desire the same and who just like to sometimes talk. I find myself looking to forward to getting on cam so I can flirt with you all! If you have any suggestions please let me know!!!

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Nov 23

Chris Rowe: What I Love

My english is a little bad , so good luck.First of all , i love the life , very very much , i think to much and that is not a good think i guess. Second think , i love me , not everyday , but.. it’s ok , i try to do the best. In the main , i love what’s beautiful , a lovely gentlman or a crazy lover , or a big but girl when i;m drunk. Oh , yeah , i love to drink , i forgot , drinks , music , good people , something special to smoke , all inclusive for me , i like to spend my time in the middle of a party i must say. Anyway , i i like to spend my money with thinks that make me happy , i think it’s something good , i don’t know. Well , so i like to party , i like the gentlmans and the big but girls , and i love to relax , i forgot that special think. Commonly , i like to have a full day , i’m away from bored thinks.So , that’s it with what i like. I hope you will join me soon to have a great time with Mr. Party , and to tell me what you like , i love to talk about that subject.Finally i finish that , hope you like what i read , if you don’t let me know and i will delete this.Thank you all for your attention and sorry again for my bad english.See you , i must go to a party , bye !

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Nov 19

Izzi: My First Very Own Fleshlight.. Up for Grabs!!

Hello everyone. Im back from Punta Cana and the photo shoot for fleshlight was a success. My asshole and cock molds will be ready on a grand scale very soon. Fleshlight company was nice enough to give 2 asshole fleshlights. Its my butthole with perfect precision and also signed by me. The texture is amazing. Cyber skin. The best on the market. Perfect for you to stick your cock in and fuck it till you explode. Imagine fucking me. When you feel it,,when you fuck ll feel your fucking me. Im holding a little tipping competition. From now till the end of the month the person who spends the most credits on me gets my first fleshlight sent to them. Im looking forward to some good times. Cant wait to see who the winner is!!! See you studs in the mancave for a marathon week. Cheers

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