Jul 10

Jeff Legend: Incredible First Day Back in the States

mmmmm…. incredible first day back on cam in the states!For those of you who missed my stripping and getting all hot and bothered, I admit that I had a very awesome group welcoming me home. If you made it to my welcome home, thank you for "cumming" out ;-). If you weren’t able to make it out, you have another chance because I will be updating my hourly schedule on here very, very, VERY, soon! For everyone who is new to meeting me, I am perhaps one of the most unique people on here. Seriously… I enjoy spending my time one-on-one with you, only you, and nothing but you! Tell me your fantasies and your wishes. Next, tell me what you would like to do to me. And then,… when the intensity has built up… tell me what you would like for me to do to you! hahaha…The pre-cum in my underwear just could not stop flowing today. It was like happiness at first erection; thick, throbbing, and hoping someone would be my saving grace and take me all to them self. What an incredibly marvelous first day! Thank you for sharing it with me and making this a very special day for me. From combat scenarios to medical provisions and finally recovering, my body type is not the greatest since I have been in a hospital bed for a number of months. The sacrifices made in combat are insane but necessary, especially in the modern-times and cultures of the modern days that we just so happen to be living in. All the while I am typing this, it may not be making a whole lot of sense right now because of my huge, throbbing, thick cock that is aching, begging, yerning. It is longing to be touched, carressed, felt, appreciated, admired, spit on, tasted, licked, sucked, stroked and sucked at the same time, and slid into places that would be warm, moist, and equally craving such raw and delicious man meat! Go back to my profile right now to see the VODs and learn more about how we can make some magic together — that can be on this web site for years to come and for others to see, admire, and appreciate your time with me! I know I am looking forward to it. Can’t wait to see you (and for some of you, I can not wait to see you again, and for others, I can not wait to taste you again!Sincerely,Jeff Legend

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